Global Mimar

Global Mimar understands that the best design comes from a completely integrated approach from

conception to completion. We have a strong creative team, in which structural and environmental

engineers work alongside the architects from the beginning of the design process. By doing so, we

believe that they can learn from one another and combine their knowledge to devise wholly integrated

design solutions. The design teams are supported by numerous in-house disciplines, ensuring that we

have the knowledge base to create buildings that are environmentally sustainable and uplifting to use.

Corporate objectives

We are thrilled to introduce Global Mimar as a pioneer architectural and engineering consultancy firm in the Middle East and Europe specialized in providing a wide range of consultancy services for the construction industry.


Adopting innovativeness as the basic doctrine in its work, GM Group is the leading company among its competitors

in satisfying a diverse spectrum of clients by producing exclusive tailor-made designing concepts to meet individual

preferences of clients.

Since its establishment as an architectural and engineering design firm, the efficiency in achieving successful designs

necessitated the establishment of the following consultancy services and departments:

  • Conceptual Design;

  • Design Development Department;

  • Structural Design Department;

  • Electrical Design Department

  • Mechanical Design Department;

  • Industrial Construction.

All the above-mentioned sections are functioned and backed up by teams of senior architects, designers, structural

engineers, civil engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, project managers, project engineers, contracts

engineers and a superior management team headed by our general manager, Mazen Demyati, who develops business

opportunities, coordinates and assures that the best services are provided to our Esteemed Clients at all times.

Our authenticated record of exotic designs covers a variety of residential, commercial and hospitality towers, besides

buildings, educational facilities, compounds, athletic facilities, and entertainment outlets. Such achievements were erected

on a turnkey basis with our full readiness to tread unprecedented worlds in architectural designing.

To achieve our ends, we coordinate with two sister companies in Poland and Syria:

  • Global Mimar Polska sp z o.o. (Poland)

  • Global Mimar LLC – Syria

This harmonization allows us to adopt worldwide, cutting-edge solutions and technologies, which ensures providing most

effective professional support for our clients seeking to secure their own benefits.


29 years of professional experience in designing and constructing of multi-storey buildings, sport clubs, hotels, warehouses, and industrial building silos in Dubai, Qatar, Syria and Turkmenistan. Besides holding a Civil Engineering degree from Tishreen University in Latakia, Syria, back in 1993, our CEO graduated in 2011 with honor and distinction from the Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Rzeszأ³w University of Technology in Poland. Rated as a grade (A) chartered engineer in Qatar & Syria. CEO and general manager of Global Mimar since August 2009 up-to-date.